Education at Carpio Web Academy

Following world trends, we provide education through e-learning. The problems that led us to develop this approach to training are the costs of the training itself, monitoring the implementation of the system and training at remote locations.

The training takes place at the Carpio Web Academy (CWA) where participants are educated using the Accelerated Knowledge Acquisition (AKA) method. During training at Carpio Academy, the atendees have a professional at their disposal, who actively monitors training and is available to the user regarding all issues related to training and the CWA itself. In addition, we organize webinars where atendees can clarify all ambiguities in direct communication with our experts.

We have opened the doors of our Carpio Web Academy as a unique multimedia site ...

  • where help is available to clients from 0 to 24 hours a day
  • a unique tool
    • that provides the highest quality communication in the process of implementation and training to Carpio ERP users
    • fully individualized, continuous access and monitoring of each participant in the implementation process, regardless of their location in the world (provided that they have access to the Internet)
    • that measures the speed and depth of education company's employees, according to the requirements within the company.
  • where you can find
    • all educational materials related to the Carpio ERP system (manuals, animations and video animations),
    • answers to most questions users or beginners might have about Carpio ERP system,
    • additional information and knolege repo, related to certain functions of Carpio ERP, in the form of wikis and forums.

Carpio Web Academy has been developed in Moodle by a team of experts of various profiles during a period of more than 2 years.

The Academy contains a total of 548 materials, of which, 164 are resources (corresponding to the manual), 44 animations and 340 video lectures. The figure shows the share of educational material at Carpio Academy, and it shows that 62% of the material are video lectures, 30% are resources and 8% are animations.

The Academy has a question bank of more than 5,500 questions covering all the basic procedures, specifics and screens needed to test the knowledge needed to master all the roles.

CWA materials

In addition, our company organizes Webinars as an additional aid. We started training through the CWA in 2010. Since then, more than 200 students of various business and educational profiles have been trained at the academy, employees in companies of different sizes.

With the simple slogan of accessibility to everyone, everywhere and at any time, the CWA is designed so that each of its users can access the materials they need, at the very moment they need them, no matter where they are.

About the method of Accelerated Knowledge Acquisition (AKA)

The AKA method is a method of education developed in our company to meet special client requirements, such as quick and easy access to training and system implementation, and precise monitoring of education at the individual level, and, in consequence, system implementation.

CWA duration

The peculiarity of this method is mandatory parallel use of Carpio ERP system on test data. The first data entries are done immediately at the beginning of the education, ie the first course. Another feature is the short duration of education. The duration of a course is one week, so the maximum duration of training and thus, implementation, is up to 8 weeks. This means that if a participant satisfies the certification for a particular course and passes all the required courses, he/she is able to do his daily work independently using Carpio ERP system, at the end of the training.

The academy offers certification according to ready-made business functions schemas. Most training schemas are prepared for immediate use, our staff can quickly prepare others for a particular business role.

CWA roles

The diagram shows that this method can be used to train any user or specific business function. In accounting there is one role that covers complete accounting, in the construction part there are two roles that can be modified, and in the CRM part we have four roles. All of these roles can be expanded with any available course at the CWA.

The training for all participants starts at the same time, regardless of the position or function in the company, which means that implementation starts in different department at the same time. System outputs from other departments augment the sense that the implementation is under way

This method has successfully educated more than 200 students of various profiles and education.

What do we acomplish with this type of training?

What are the advantages compared to classic or common ways of training, such as seminars or on premise training? The costs of such training are significantly lower compared to the training methods mentioned earlier. The enterprise has to pay wages and travel allowances for their employees or cost of deploying our professionals to remote locations.

This approach has solved the problem of absenteeism as well as the problem of training start. No matter where someone is, if they have internet access, we are able to train them.

How do we monitor training and implementation advancement?

The AKA method of training is close to the so-called programmed education. This means that the sequence of courses assigned to a role is related to a particular business process or processes in employee's everyday routine. A trainee is allowed to access the next course only if the previous course has been successfully completed. The course completion is measured by success in small certification tests during the duration of the course.

The difficulty of the tests and the amount of knowledge is standardized. At the request of the client, it is easily changeable. Tests are constructed using randomly selected questions from the course questions bank. Each test has standard twenty qquestions, but this number can vary, depending on the purpose of the test. The difficulty of the test is regulated by the ratio of the quantity of simple questions to those of complex ones..

The client training process is by far the most important factor for successful implementation of the information system. Training must be personalized, must be available at all times, must be continuous and adapted to the possibilities and speed appropriate to each individual.

Each individual must be able to set aside the time to learn, several times during the day, to repeat certain segments when and how many times it suits him, in order to solidly acquire new skills.

Since we are among the first to start such an approach, we can help all interested companies and institutions to introduce a new way of learning and testing. We provide complete support for introduction and compilation of materials for education and compilation of questions and tests. Our staff consists of professors, so we can professionally and succesfully compile the necessary materials and questions to make testing relevant.

For any additional questions feel free to contact us.